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Increasing Sales Through SEO

Search engine optimization

Internet marketing and online sales are seen as having a low barrier to entry, but any online business is competing against more than just the local competitors. To be successful, they have to be visible in the search engines. And to be successful in the search engines, they generally need to implement search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization, or Seo, comprises the strategy and tactics to increase a websites appearance in search engine results. The higher their website appears on the first page of results, the more visitors they can hope to convert. While you can garner some traffic from paid advertisements, statistically 70 percent of clicks are on organic links that partly come as a result of search engine optimization. In fact search marketing research points to the fact that people consciously avoid paid links.

Even traditional stores and businesses will have to consider their online presence as over 81 percent of U.S. internet users that are age 14 and older will browse and research products online. That represents an enormous source of traffic for sites using solid search engine optimization strategies as part of their customer attraction and retention systems.

In terms of dollar impact, by 2016 over half of all dollars spent in the retail sector will have been influenced from online content and marketing. Without proper search engine optimization, you risk losing potential customers and revenue to the businesses that are more visible in search results. Unfortunately the further you drop in the search engine results, the fewer visitors your site will see until you enact some search engine optimization tactics.

Recent trends are showing that online behavior is becoming further influenced by the prevalence of smartphones. Up to 64 percent of smartphone owners use their devices to shop online. That means that in store comparisons are going from an inconvenience to a revenue drain. By increasing the number of visitors to your products and services you have a greater chance of converting to sales.

Why Resellers are Profitable

Search engine optimization

Roughly 75 percent of everyone using search engines on the internet say they spend time avoiding paid advertisements and sponsored ads. This fact alone should prove the importance of gaining a competitive organic position in major search engines. The majority of people using search engines to research products and services only click on organic links. Resellers are able to earn a healthy amount of income by reselling search engine optimization. Website owners demand SEO services in order to increase online sales. Internet marketing is built on a foundation of search engine optimization, which is the largest industry on the web.

The increasing popularity of smart phones and tablets is creating more opportunities for resellers. Almost two thirds of people who use mobile devices online will shop online using their smart phone or tablet PC. Resellers are able to take advantage of the demands that website owners create for web optimization services. However, choosing the right marketing firm may be a challenge for resellers if they don’t know what they are looking for. In addition to search engine optimization, resellers can promote social media marketing services as well. Recent studies show a majority of people spending more time on social media sites than major search engines.

90 percent of adults online use social media more than any other type of website. During 2012, around 30 percent of business owners outsource some of their social media marketing needs. Only 28 percent outsourced social media marketing in 2011. Resellers must recognize demands in order to identify where opportunities exist on the web. Both search engine optimization and social media marketing services are in high demand because website owners are trying to obtain more online visibility. 94 percent of social media marketing professionals spend time tracking fans and followers on their profiles or accounts.

Choosing an SEO Reseller Plan Wisely

If you are looking for an SEO reseller plan that can take your business to the level of success you have in mind, many different options abound nowadays. However, it should be noted that not all Seo reseller plan providers are equally skilled or affordably priced, so it does pay to do your research on the matter before you sign on for any one SEO reseller plan in particular.

To begin, set some concrete and measurable goals that you would like your SEO reseller plan of choice to help you achieve. For instance, you should decide a minimum level that you would like your profits to increase after the SEO reseller plan of your choice has had a reasonable amount of time to work, and you should also determine how high your web stats should rise at a minimum by a pre-determined time, as well. Once you have these goals in mind, make sure that you set a budget that reflects the value that these minimum goals are expected to provide to your business.

At this juncture, search the web for SEO reseller plan provider reviews. Look closely at what others have said about their experiences when purchasing an Seo reseller plan from specific providers, and verify the web popularity stats of any confirmed clients that offer a stellar review. Those web stats should reflect the level of success you would like to achieve, so bear these numbers in mind as you compile a list of the most effective SEO reseller plan providers that you find over the course of your research.

From there, compare the offerings of each SEO reseller plan from the various providers that you have in mind thus far, and see which such plan offers you the best deal in your price range. Hopefully, your research should pay off nicely, and your Seo reseller plan of choice should help you immensely!

The SEO reseller space

This is an interesting time to be selling SEO services. ┬áIf you are a reseller, even more so. When you resell a product such as SEO – you have a number of new and interesting concerns to contend with. Stay tuned and we will explore them.


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